• What is Pedal to Porch?

    A neighborhood bike ride that includes stops along a route

    where residents use their front porch as a stage to tell their story.

  • Why We Exist

    Use storytelling to initiate new conversations between neighbors that will inspire connection,

    celebrate neighborhood history and encourage deeper community involvement.

    This project consists of four elements:


    Getting to know our neighbors

    We partner with a local non-profit to launch a door-to-door campaign, meet the neighbors, and learn about the neighborhood's history.

    Crafting Stories

    Offering technical support

    We offer storytelling workshops to help neighbors develop their own stories. We want storytellers to feel comfortable and confident about sharing their stories.


    Exploring a neighborhood on a bike

    We gather a group of bikers to ride from one porch to another listening to stories.


    Perserving history

    We share all content online and invite the community to a public exhibition of neighborhood stories.

  • Events

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  • Sneak Peek

    Check out the sneak peek of our doc-series.

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    "Pedaler II" Trailer

    We wanted to explore life along the border of Detroit and Gross Pointe. Biking from porch-to-porch pedalers listened to untold stories of Detroit's past, present and future.


    ~1:03 min.

    "Pedaler" Trailer

    In Summer 2016, we hosted a bike ride through Southwest Detroit. Biking from porch-to-porch pedalers listened to untold stories of Detroit's past, present and future from the distinct perspective of residents.


    ~1:05 min.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Join us for the film pre

    How did this project get started?

    The first bike ride was called Core City Stories. The purpose was to preserve the historical identity of Core City Neighborhood through the art of telling stories. More people became interested in hosting a similar bike rides in their neighborhood, so we created Pedal to Porch. Click here to view the origin story.

    What happens to the stories once they are collected?

    We document the experience and share online or in a community event. The purpose of the community event is to invite the wider community to participate in a conversation about a neighborhood.

    What if I don't have a bike?

    We love to support local bike shops. We usually have 10 rental bikes available on-site on a first come, first serve basis.

    How many miles/how long is the ride?

    We usually ride between 4-6 miles and at 10-15mph; it takes us about 3 hours to complete the experience.

    What do I need to bring?

    A working bike and a good attitude. Although it is best to come prepared with an extra tube, lights and water.

    Are helmets required?

    No, but they are more than encouraged; it's the safest way to ride a bike.

    Do you need volunteers?

    Yes, we do! Thank you for your interest. Please complete this volunteer form to receive additional information.

    How might I host a Pedal to Porch in my neighborhood/city?

    To host a pedal to porch in your neighborhood/city, please email pedaltoporch@gmail.com.

  • Our Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Cornetta Lane


    Cornetta is a storyteller. She quit her full-time job to focus on telling stories and helping people to craft and tell their stories.

    Brent Smith 

    Community Strategist

    Deeply rooted in community building, Brent makes critical connections between artists, funders, community members, and businesses.

    Brandi Keeler

    Art Director

    Brandi's personal mission is to enhance the way people enjoy, experience and understand themselves and the world around them.

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